Evil Icons

Simple and clean SVG icon pack

#2 Product of the DayDecember 24, 2016
Evil Icons is a gorgeous MIT licensed icons set made by Evil Martinas. I love the variety of ways to use those. Check out the docs: https://github.com/evil-icons/ev...
Hey! Thanks for featuring! I work at Evil Martians and I designed Evil Icons. Feel free to ask me anything about them :)
@romanshamin can we increase the speed of the changing colors? Also by any chance can you guys add a menu divider? (Basically a thick straight line with rounded corners!)
@naseem_raad it’s just an SVG — you can color icons as fast as you want. Divider icon sounds great, thanks for the idea =)
Thanks for sharing, saved in my collection and will explore more :)
Whenever I work on a project (iOS or web), I dread hunting for icons. It's hard enough to find good ones, let alone ones that work well together. The Noun Project is okay for one offs, but these look tremendous! Thanks for making :)