Better search and actions from your Android homescreen

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Wow, this looks fascinating. This feels like a mobile first Google. Pre-Google (or pre-search engines) you had to visit a website directly and hope that it had what you wanted. Post-Google you search for what you want and are told which places have it. Evie looks like it wants to become the same organisational/directional layer on top of mobile, which would be HUGE and something that Android/iOS haven't achieved natively. This is especially interesting because it looks like it doesn't always require the user to have a certain app installed to benefit from that products services. I'm assuming that this could play very nicely with Google's new Instant Apps and fuel the trend of declining mobile app installs. P.S If I were Google, I'd be very tempted to try and acquire this.
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@mattsappstv Haha, thanks dude :) This is like...exactly the conversation we had when starting to work on Evie. Would love to hear more once you've given it a try!
@dhg for sure. My first android (6P) is on its way to me now so shouldn't be long ๐Ÿ˜.
Awesome idea, and stoked to see some Android love.
@webtech thanks Rod, we love Android!
I'm due for my bi-annual android purchase to keep up with the latest, and this just pushed me over the edge.
Well done. iPhone user here and use the native search often. This one appears to work better. I also have a Nexus and it's calling my name. If Apple doesn't innovate at WWDC next week, I am switching.
@nyalex Post mortem on WWDC, do you think Apple innovated or are you reaching for your Nexus now?
Great explainer video. My wife and I are always searching different food delivery apps to find the restaurant we want. This solves that problem, at least for us Android users. Downloading now.
@mcw719 I'd love to hear your thoughts after you had a chance to play with it
@mcw719 great video indeed