Letting women anonymously share their #metoo stories

everywoman.io allows women the ability to share their #metoo story anonymously.

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The twitter account is still new and not a lot of people known. I think the team should have the stronger media plan to attract more people, especially woman, to share their stories.


It is so confidential, one of the most important factor for woman could share their stories about harrrashment


the landing page is too simple

Thank you for your thoughtful review, @anna_huynh. We are planning to beef-up the landing page a bit to help clarify what and how everywoman.io works. We do want to attract more women to submit their stories and feel comfortable doing so. We are planning to follow up with additional media pushes, but I'd love to hear any additional thoughts you may have.
Hey, PH! My wife and I created everywoman.io out of frustration over recent events, especially those in US politics. Every woman has a story about sexual harassment or abuse. We wanted to give women an outlet to share their stories without fear of retaliation or personal attacks. Each submission is reviewed by a human to weed out trolls. Stories are then posted anonymously on Twitter @_everywoman_. Any feedback is always appreciated.
@_everywoman_ @open_dave Nice work David. You should consider allowing more than 280 characters, and then create a Twitter thread by breaking it up when posting. Pretty sure women will want to say more, and the limit will just hinder them.
@_everywoman_ @graciousgarg Thank you, that is a great idea.