An organisable multi step timer.

A self micromanagement timer.
Notable features:
- Order a sequence of steps into a group
- Label each timer
- Adjust the timers forward or back
- Reset the entire list or to a specific step
- Multiple timers
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Will it be released for Android? If so, when?
@h3llb3nt_ Hi Hunter, thanks taking the time to look over my app. I'll be honest.. but how do I say this, it's not impossible but improbable to see anything for Android in the next few months. I'm sorry to keep you waiting. My guess is by then there'll be someone publishing an app just like this on android (if not already) by that time. React Native (or whatever is next) looks like something I should be learning in the near future to support multiple platforms.
Great idea, could help me out a lot with timing difirent tasks in cooking and/or brewing beer, but the UI and UX is not very well executed. For your next update test on smaller devices. Elements are overlapping and falling off screen.
@jop_van_der_kroef Appreciate the feedback! Will have an update for this problem submitted for smaller devices near the end of the week.
The quality of my steaks fluctuate wildly. So I made this so I could keep making the same great steak, all the time, every time! But really.. it's been more useful for me at the gym. I'm a bit of a slouch sometimes and I don't want to be thinking about the long list of exercises I need to be doing throughout the week. This timer helps me stick to an hour of weightlifting while keeping track of my exercises. It shouldn't only be for that, think of anything you can that's repetitive that you'd like a guide to, sports drills, music practice, daily chores and so on. I hope you all find it useful and helps you somehow in your day to day life. Thanks.
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