Everything Is Bullshit

A Book by Priceonomics: The greatest scams on Earth revealed

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Priceonomics founder/ceo here. We wrote this book a few months ago, based mostly on posts from the Priceonomics Blog. Surprisingly, people bought it! Cool to see this on Product Hunt. Happy to answer any questions about the book, publishing, content, Priceonomics, etc.
@rohindhar does Priceonomics offer a dynamic-pricing api?
@michael_mclean Not yet. We'll be launching an API soonish that lets people building something like this though.
@rohindhar, can you please release this on audible?
@nickgrosvenor We're currently trying to figure out whether to release this book (and future ones) as audiobooks. We likely will!
@rohindhar Tons of my friends exclusively listen to audiobooks because it's so efficient. That'd be great! Thanks.