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Hey, Product Hunters! I'm the maker of Everymap, thanks @_jacksmith for hunting. Everymap is a service for keeping and sharing trips. By easily adding notes, places and photos you can create a perfect trip report, which can later be shared with your friends and followers, or made private to simply keep and collect the places you've been to and experience you had. Everymap is also a community of travelers with basic community features like following, upvotes, hashtags and mentions, which allows you to discover new travel ideas, discuss itineraries and get updates from other travelers. Please feel free if you have a suggestion or feedback!
I love this. Except, it needs to be easier to automatically add locations and photos. Like, a mobile app that occasionally tracks your location and can easily see photos you've taken at different parts on your trip and auto-organize photos and locations. Then you can modify and add from there. Great work, tho. Clean design.
@joshuapinter Thanks! I'm working on a few automation features like recognizing location from the photo Exif data, loading photos directly from Facebook and other services.
@ahnianikov Awesome. That would really seal the deal with this "Smart Album" demand you've got going on. There's demand for this, though, that's for sure. Just haven't found one that easiest enough to use.