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Maker here :) Glad to put it out on PH. Everyly is a community of shoppers and travellers, where the shopper gets to order anything he/she loves from anywhere in the world and travellers travelling to their city/country shops and delivers in on their way. As a shopper, you can order your favourites not available in your country/ something hard and expensive to ship. As a Traveller, you make some extra money as a reward for bringing it. The crux is, travellers get to choose how much they want to be paid online, so the remaining amount is collected by the travellers in local currency of the destination (which is very hard to get) upon delivery. Parallelly, we are also solving the two biggest authentication problems happening in the everyday commerce, which even the likes of Amazon and Ebay are not able to swear upon. 1. Fake products delivered - In India, you get a soapbox sometimes when you order a iPhone through Amazon. 2. fake currencies for tourists - As the tourists do not have any idea of the currencies being served in the country they're travelling to. Here, the traveller is deemed to deliver the best product to get the right currency and the shopper has to give the right currency to get the right product. All day here. Love to know the bads and goods, so we could build a better community :)
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@tweetyunus Hah, great idea. It was sitting in my mind for a while. Good luck!
@tweetyunus Great idea! Execution is the success key. Congratulations! On the first glance, the platform is not in its simplest form, in terms of how you're driving the customer till the payment section, however undoubtedly a great start.
@ram_rayavarapu Thanks Ram! We're making it much simpler and better for sure :)
Shop your favorite items from any part of the world and have it delivered to you by a traveler coming your way. You can shop the items that are not sold in your place. Unique products and new launches available only in particular countries. Your traveler friend brings all you love, that are expensive to be shipped. Interesting idea!
Curious about the safety and liability aspect, any plans to prevent people trying to misuse this to send across illegal items. Also curious if airport security might cause an issue?
Nice that you asked @sasank. 1. As far as the products, every order posted is vetted before reaching the final offer stage so no holes left. 2. We are working with airport authorities across major commerce countries to make things more easy, still never an issue as long as the items are legally binding. But what we've seen is people tend to become friends over our platform, and then buy products for their new friend even escaping the custom fee :) It's a community.
Great design language! Very consistent and beautiful! 🎉
Wow, great and simple idea that makes me think "why the hell nobody has thought about it before" :) Definitely gonna try, anyone coming to Sweden soon? :)