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Hi Everyhome - Curious how you get home inventory that Zillow and Trulia, et al, don't have?
@porterhaney Hey Porter. We only get homes direct from the consumer (homeowner). Zillow relies on feeds from brokers and the multiple listing services (MLS).
@rybanc cool! So you're bypassing MLS entirely? How do you get enough volume of homeowners looking to sell direct? Do you all process the transactions like a normal realtor would?
@porterhaney That's certainly the million...or billion...dollar question I've discussed with Bryan a few times :)
@porterhaney completely bypassing the MLS. Recent data suggests up to 50% of homes in Northern Cal are not listed on the MLS. Owners get notified of buyer interest via a direct mail piece we call a "Match Mailer." You can send one to any home in the 10 Bay Area counties from your buyer profile right now for $1 each. We've sent out over 10k of them in beta testing (just in Seattle), and 4.8% of recipients end up on our site (dedicated url, Google Analytics). For the transactions, we partner with real estate brokerages and agents you're already familiar with to virtually close the deal for $4k, regardless of the home sale price.
@drewmeyers the joy of starting marketplaces!
Very interesting! I know a ton of agents and brokers would be interested in this data as it builds out. It could give them an initial edge over the competition. Cool concept!
@bryansarnold Hi Arnold. Thanks for the support. We agree - the data this platform is generating is interesting. We're building models based on forward looking intent versus lagging indicators that will empower consumers and professionals alike. Happy to connect and discuss in more detail.