Everyday German

Learn useful German words & phrases on every new tab

See common German words and phrases with every new tab you open. Each phrase has a phonetic breakdown and is translated into English. Most phrases have an example sentence or scenario that they can be used in
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My friend is moving to Berlin for 3 months in the summer and wanted to learn some useful phrases to get by in everyday life. She wasn't fussed about actually learning the language itself, so the structure of Duolingo wasn't really working for her She asked me to teach her some phrases but rather than just writing a boring list that she'd never read, I made it into a Chrome extension so she can learn little and often throughout the day The phrases in here are slightly tailored to what she wants to know, but if there's things that should be added, just let me know! :)
I opted to study French in school, but I have always found the German language so interesting, going to give this a shot!
@aaronoleary Thanks Aaron, let me know how you get on! :)
Solche Browser Extensions mag ich! ;)
@sammyschuckert Freut mich zu hören ;)
Too bad there’s no Safari extension. I only like safari! And my gf is German.
"Wegen" requires Genitiv.