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This looks like a great realistic exercise program to keep you in shape. The author is a web developer so he understands the challenges in balancing both exercise and work :) From the Gumroad Small Product Lab
Hey ladies and gents! I'm Rory, the author (a.k.a. @rokeeffe). Thanks to Robert for adding my book up here. As Robert mentioned, in my day job (and much of my side work!) I'm a web developer, and indeed for my entire life I've been into computers, reading and other assorted geekery, so sitting in chairs has been a major facet of my existence for as long as I can remember. With the growing concern around sitting, and a desire to feel better and perform better over the last few years, I started to make some changes to my lifestyle that have made a big difference to me - helping to clear up back, shoulder and ankle pain I used to deal with and generally making me feel more energetic. When I entered the Gumroad Small Product Lab and had to come up with an idea fast, I literally had the idea while brushing my teeth - something I do a little unconventionally (and you can read more about that here: http://roryokeeffe.com/everyday-...). It occurred to me that everyone could benefit from making movement a bigger part of their lives - and would do so if it didn't mean going out of their way too much. I had done just that, and thought that I should share some of my experimentation and ideas - the things that have worked for me and a few friends - with the world. Thus, Everyday Exercise was born! (I love the word thus, and don't get to use it enough, apologies if it seemed OTT!) It's less an exercise program per se, and more of a guideline on how to reap the benefits of a more active life without killing yourself doing so. Product updates are coming that will include some specific routines you can do, as well as printable cheatsheets and further additions to the actual book. I want to try and make this a damn fine health resource for everybody, that goes well beyond the ten day Gumroad challenge. I thought I'd get in early and offer a sweet 25% off discount for any hunters who are interested - you can get that here: https://gum.co/everydayexercise/... I'm up for answering any questions you may have. Still in work at the moment, Irish-time, so apologies in advance for any delay!
This was actually a really great read. Working full time and working out can be done you just need to find a schedule that works for you.