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Hey all- One of the founders here. Been working on this new site for about a year now. Feel free to AMA
@dbl .. all of us here at BSA are big fans!
@dbl Hey Daniel! I'm a big fan of the model you guys are using. I got in touch with one of the founders of famousoutfits.com on reddit and he said that you were helping to mentor them. Do you think that you'll expand the EDC site design/concept into other realms or are you just happy helping a few people out who might be doing something similar?
@tim_finnigan1 Hey- I think its definitely too early to tell where it will head. For now, we are doing a ton of traffic ( almost 2m visits/mo) just with gear/accessories content and we think we can flourish in that space. The market is obviously huge (just watches or cellphones alone is tens of billions/year) so the aim is to really create the best experience for guys to discover great products. One of the other unique things we have a patent pending for is 'occupational search' - So you could say "show me what pens architects buy" - I think that feature alone is very cool.
This website is evil. It will make you buy cool stuff.
@alxmlv haha yes, please be careful :P
Why do so many people carry small knives in their pocket regularly? It's something I've never understood. Is it a protection thing, utility thing, both, neither?
@zackshapiro Depends on the person of course, but its mostly utility. You dont realize how convenient it is until you see how you can use it in your day (opening boxes, prying things apart, etc..) - They just clip to your pocket also, which makes it less of a hassle to carry.
@zackshapiro I was thinking the same thing. Some of these knives look a bit too serious for even the most troublesome box.
@_jamesmundy @zackshapiro Came here to ask the same question as Zack—they definitely look like they are a bit too badass for simply opening amazon packages. Which maybe means I need more adventure in my life?
@willimholte @_jamesmundy @zackshapiro Most of the folks that are into this EDC lifestyle are typically not your urban dwellers. This is a bit minimal in my humble opinion. Do a quick search on youtube for EDC and you will see all kinds of stuff. BoB (bug out bags) to Zombie bags.
*scrolls* Man, man, another man, one more man, man, man This is neat for men to participate in - women not-so-much. I can barely fit my hands in my pockets. Seems to play off the Outfit Grid trend @dennistodisco started.
@stttories Good point - maybe there's an opportunity here for a partner site that's more catered to the female demographic. There's http://whatsinmyhandbag.com but not sure what else.
@stttories @dennistodisco Hi Tori, I'm Bernard, one of the co-founders of the site. While it's true that the majority of our readership and contributors are male, we have been working to make the site and the concept of EDC itself much more accessible. We welcome and embrace contributions from women and other genders, and would love to see what you carry. In fact, we have some great photos from female entrepreneurs, founders, PhD students, and more. Here’s a few if you’re interested: http://everydaycarry.com/post/10... http://everydaycarry.com/post/99... http://everydaycarry.com/post/10... There’s much work to be done to catch more mainstream appeal given the concept’s roots in tactical and survivalist circles, and we want to be the ones spearheading that. As for your last comment, the types of photos on our site, the practice of “knolling,” (neatly arranging objects with a top-down perspective) and the original Everyday Carry tumblr blog have been around before Instagram and outfitgrid. I worked briefly with Dennis while he was at Karmaloop, it’s great to see him killing it visually on Instagram. We're not really playing off of his work, I just think we (and the respective communities) agree that knolling is the most beautiful way to present the gear and clothes we're proud to call our own. Thanks for taking the time to check out the site and share your feedback :)
@bernardcapulong Not to nitpick but you did say above that "the aim is to really create the best experience for guys to discover great products. " If you'd like to be more accessible to the masses, I'd start with messaging, and trying to reach out to more women. If the idea is to discover products, you're missing out on a huge opportunity by not actively trying to cultivate a female presence. Thanks for your response! Best of luck.
I submitted this yesterday or the day before! You guys are driving me nuts by not actually looking at my submissions!!! @rrhoover ?