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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 01, 2020
Form new habits by doing a little bit every day!
It helps you break goals down into actionable achievable daily tasks.
The more days you manage to chain these tasks in a row, the less likely you are to quit. So, don’t break the chain!
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👋 Hello ProductHunters! Thank you 🙏 @ChrisMessina for hunting https://everyday.app! everyday 2.0 is the second version of everyday (https://www.producthunt.com/post...), my side-project now turned into indie business! The first version got quite some love from ProductHunt (Nominated to App of the Year 2018 in the Kitty Awards :D) so it encouraged me to quit freelancing and start working on it full time. Since then, and thanks to the awesome feedback you provided me with it has grown to over 4k MRR (despite my inaptitude with marketing :P)! I started Everyday as a personal growth challenge to prove myself that I could build a meaningful micro business helping thousands become better versions of themselves. It certainly is a challenging journey, but probably one of the most enriching endeavours I've ever undertaken which forces me to personally grow non-stop by doing a little bit, every day ;) My current streak of working on everyday is of 🎉 530 days (https://app.everyday.app/2/1) and my longest streak is 🔥 789 for doing 💪 50 push-ups before going to sleep (https://app.everyday.app/2/2)! Which is yours?! PROMO 10% OFF: By signing up through this link https://everyday.app/?promo=PROD... you'll get a 10% discount to start 2020 making sure those New Year Resolutions are still there past January ;) 🔍 About "Every day, it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day, that's the hard part." everyday.app is a simple and beautiful habit tracker available on the 🌐 Web, 📱 iOS and 📱 Android. It also comes with web extensions to set it as the default new tab for Firefox and Chrome. It helps you form new habits by doing a little bit every day, no matter how little. 📖 Story In early 2017, I was tired of scratching the same tasks off my daily todolist day after day. It was super frustrating to keep scratching 🏋️‍♂️ “go to the gym” or 🍏 “eat a fruit” no matter how many times I did it. There was no visualization of progress. Before I even thought about working on it, I had doodled the design of what would become the first version of everyday.app. One month later, the first working prototype was ready. After sharing it for free on reddit’s r/GetDisciplined it blew up to the frontpage with more than a thousand signups and over hundred daily users. As someone who had never made $1 for any of his little productivity apps and influenced by the bootstrapping stories on HackerNews I gave it a try. More than 30% of the users back then paid. That really changed my mindset. For months, it was the sideproject I never had enough time to work on. Thankfully, the app itself helped me form the habit to keep working on it every day, even if it was just 10 minutes when work kept me busy. Finally, in October 2018, I took the plunge, quit freelancing and started working full-time on it taking it to where it is now: 🚀 A minimal, beautiful habit tracker that’s both on the web and on mobile helping thousands become better selves by doing a little bit every day! You can read my 2017 IndieHackers interview here for more details: [https://www.indiehackers.com/int... 🆕 What's new on v2? 📱 Mobile apps: Full redesign of the mobile apps to do it every day, everywhere!! They now also have reminders, better synchronisation, work offline and most importantly load much faster :) 📖 Learn section: My favourite addition. The biggest challenge is bringing concepts from the science of habits into the application for people to learn and take advantage of them. Many are embedded into the app's designs and decisions but providing content and tips on how to better form habits and master our behaviours and mindsets is invaluable. The app comes with a nice introduction in the oboarding and a full section of original and curated content for learning more on the science of habits. 🌚 Dark Mode: Yes, 2019 was the year of Dark Mode. Everyday and its beautiful visualizations got it to be featured on the App Store frontpage for the iOS13 release of the dark mode!! 🚀🚀🚀 📅 Year view: The new yearview not only helps us get more context on our per habit progress but it also helps us realize that this is a long term game, we have to do a little bit every day, for a long time for the rewards to start greatly compounding! Also, you can now share individual habits, for example look how I did in my read every day challenge for 2019 :) https://app.everyday.app/2/5 And many more features like archive, reminders, overview of progress... :D 💰 Revenue Another important change of the year has been changing the business model from a 30 day trial to a Freemium model. This has allowed many more users to use the app for free for a long period 😄, which ultimately has led to more people subscribing for the premium features 😊. In the last quarter it's been pretty close to $5k MRR so maybe this is a good milestone to break at the beginning of this new 2020! 👨🏻‍💻 Next steps The more I do, the more I realize there is to do. And that's an awesome but daunting feeling! There is so much room for improvement in every direction that I'm eager to keep tackling it. Sometimes I still struggle with remembering that "Done is better than perfect" which slows me down, but then I remember that there's no hurry, that you just need to keep trying to make it better one day at a time. Upcoming features will keep focusing on minimalism, simplicity and beauty, to get as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of tracking their habits without them feeling like it's an extra job. 🛠 Maker community As someone who enjoys product, code and business in equal proportions I struggled to find my path until I came across the idea of indie makers. It's been a very enriching adventure so far and it's got me to meet a lot of awesome people. I like to feel I contributed to the movement with my awesome-indie github repo (https://github.com/mezod/awesome...) and by organizing the IndieHackers Barcelona Meetup! Keep building people, every day! 🚀🚀🚀 Feel free to get in touch with me at joan@everyday.app for any feedback! I ❤️ feedback! Joan
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@chrismessina @everyday @mezood I love this idea! I have a product I am building that I think will help this scale. Is there someone I can talk to about this some more?
@mareddyjai feel free to shoot me an email at joan@everyday.app :)
I remember the first version, as a ux designer, I really like the interface of this application.
@ahmet_bektes1 thank you! There's still a lot of room for improvement ux-wise! I hope to tackle it on v3 :)
Hey awesome update. Do you write iOS and Android apps nativly?
@vladkorobov Thank you! Nope, the mobile apps are developed in React Native. They do have some native code embedded though!
Updates are looking great! Congrats @mezood!
@daverad Thanks Dave! This is my life, I do what I love and I do it often... you know how this keeps going ;D (not I don't know it by heart, I just have it on my shelf ;)) You gotta let me know when your app's ready!
Just downloaded for iOS and I really dig this app. It actually makes me *want* to track my habits. bravo.
@adriana_lacy I love to read this because one of my missions is to make the experience enjoyable and easy enough that it doesn't feel like an extra job! So that people can actually benefit from the proces of tracking their behaviours!