Simple and beautiful habit tracker for iOS, Android and Web

everyday is a simple and beautiful habit tracker for the Web, iOS and Android that helps you form new habits by doing a little bit every day!

It helps you break goals down into actionable achievable daily tasks. The more days you manage to chain these tasks in a row, the less likely you are to quit. So, don’t break the chain!

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👋 Hello ProductHunters! Thank you 🙏 @ChrisMessina for hunting https://everyday.app! everyday is the v2 of everydayCheck, my side-project now turned into indie business! The first version got quite some love from ProductHunt (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) so it encouraged me to keep working on it and make it better for all of us with your feedback :) It also went past the $1000/mo mark in revenue, so I've decided it's time to work full time on it! My current streak of working on everyday is of 🎉 127 days and my longest streak is 💯 384 for doing 💪 50 push-ups before going to sleep! Which is yours?! 🔍 About "Every day, it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day, that's the hard part." everyday.app is a simple and beautiful habit tracker available on the 🌐 Web, 📱 iOS and 📱 Android. It also comes with web extensions to set it as the default new tab for Firefox and Chrome. It helps you form new habits by doing a little bit every day, no matter how little. It is a personal growth challenge to make a business out of a little side project where I basically need to do everything alone, what I enjoy (product, code), what I'm learning to enjoy (marketing) and what I'll never get good at (Yeah, I did the logo too ;D). Working on it every day is helping a bunch :P 📖 Story In early 2017, I was tired of scratching the same tasks off my daily todolist day after day. It was super frustrating to keep scratching 🏋️‍♂️ “go to the gym” or 🍏 “eat a fruit” no matter how many times I did it. There was no visualization of progress. Before I even thought about working on it, I had doodled the design of what would become the first version of everyday.app. One month later, the first working prototype was ready. After sharing it for free on reddit’s r/GetDisciplined it blew up to the frontpage with more than a thousand signups and over hundred daily users. As someone who had never made $1 for any of his little productivity apps and influenced by the bootstrapping stories on HackerNews I gave it a try. More than 30% of the users back then paid. That really changed my mindset. For 18 months, it’s been the sideproject I never had enough time to work on. Thankfully, the app itself helped me to keep working on it every day, even if it was just 10 minutes when work kept me busy, taking it to where it is now: 🚀 A minimal, beautiful habit tracker that’s both on the web and on mobile almost passively making more than 1000€ a month. As of October 2018, it deserved more of my time so I’ve decided to quit my job to make it grow. As a developer with no marketing skills, I’ll hopefully grow with it. I just need to work on it a little bit every day ;) You can read my 2017 IndieHackers interview here for more details: https://www.indiehackers.com/int... 🆕 What's new on v2? For the v2, I rebranded the app to everyday.app, a way better name, shall we agree? :P 📱 mobile apps: everyday.app comes with brand new mobile applications both for iOS and Android! every day, everywhere!! 📈 Stats: everyday.app now comes with improved stats and completion rates! ⏭️ skip & noweekend: I've added the option to skip days for those days where the habit can't be completed to add more flexibility to the streaks. Use the skip option responsibly! 🚫 Break habit: A beautiful way to display habits you want to get rid of in a descending colourful scale! It also supports emoji now 🎉🎉🎉 ;D I wrote this article in case you want to know more: https://blog.everyday.app/everyd... 💰 Revenue After a year making between $400 and $500 things changed with the release of the mobile apps at the end of this summer. Revenue kept increasing almost passively beyond the $1000 mark. I feel I have a lot of room for improvement on the marketing side that could take this app to a level where I can comfortably live from it but I'm improving on it, every day ;D It has great potential so feel free to get in touch if you think you can help me out :D 🛠 Maker community As someone who enjoys product, code and business in equal proportions I struggled to find my path until I came across the idea of indie makers. It's been a very enriching adventure so far and it's got me to meet a lot of awesome people. I like to feel I contributed to the movement with my awesome-indie github repo (https://github.com/mezod/awesome...) and by organizing the IndieHackers Barcelona Meetup! Keep building people, every day! 🚀🚀🚀 Feel free to get in touch with me at joan@everyday.app for any feedback! I ❤️ feedback! Joan
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@mezood Love the super clean UI! Amazing work building this cross-platform. Definitely lots of potential. Congrats! 🙌
@anthilemoon Thank you! Hehe love to get some appreciation for the cross-platform bit :_)
@anthilemoon @mezood love how this makes it aesthetically pleasing to achieve streaks!
@chrismessina @everyday @mezood Congrats on launch! What are some of the most fun ways that people have used your product?
@anthilemoon @abadesi Thank you!! Seeing the colourful scale increasing with your efforts is definitely an extra bit of motivation :-)

Recently discovered Everyday and after trying some others I'm sticking with this one. It has the correct amount of features I need without being complex. Good stuff.


It's really simple, doesn't make me think.


A Github view would be awesome.

What do you mean by A Github view? Please explain to we the uninitiated
really good, use it daily and helps to keep track what you do every day or every second day (like working out). fast, reliable, accessible from almost every device. great! waiting for the apple watch version.
@iwangulenko Thanks Iwan! I'll consider the apple watch version, it sounds like a real challenge to display the colourful board on such a small screen hehe
I have always loved this type of app and a big fan of having one that is not tied to my phone (Streaks). I signed up for the trial. One thing I have learned from doing SaaS for the last 7 years is the importance of early success. You present a clear story about why I should sign up, then I sign up, and then I can't do anything until I validate my account. I would recommend making it possible to at least get started, set up a couple of goals, etc before a customer is validated.
@scottw Very good point Scott! I do have to revisit my entire onboarding and specifically not killing the user experience during the sign up process. It's already pretty high up my todolist but getting this message is very good feedback and will make me bump it up the list :P Thank you for taking the time to share it!