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Joshua Bretag
Joshua BretagHunter@joshuabretag · Founder, Blueprint Solutions
Well let's see I HATE Writing, I mean I really hate writing blog posts it's like one of my most passionate hates. Can't you tell. Well that was till I read Ann Handley book on how to make content. I am a systems kinda guy give me a framework and I can give you a result. I had no framework around how to write or what to write and frankly between you and me as you are reading this sentence my english and grammar suck. So Ann gave me this cool template that I took from her book to use for writing that I am going to share with you here: Please give Cudos to Ann for such a damn good book and making me jealous of her amazing writing skills. The Layout Whats the Goal - business/marketing goal Reframe - put the reader into it (giving the audience a gift) Why does it matter to them - What’s in it for them - Why Should they care? - What’s the clear message or value you want them to take away - What do you offer them? - What questions might they have? - What advice or help can you provide? - So what? Because query E.g. SW: I want to drive interest and awareness in the launch of our new collaborative editing software B: Our new text editor makes it stupid easy in 3 specific ways for those of you without a geek gene to easily collaborate from remote locals without overriding each others stuff or losing earlier versions. Seek out the data and examples What do I think about this story - What do I know about it? - Talk to people, get opinions Organise - What is the best structure Write to one person Produce the ugly first draft Walk Away (1 day usually) Re-write - Will this create more confidence in the reader,listener, viewer in purchasing from me based on the expertise I just demonstrated? Give it a great title of headline Have someone edit (other than you) - Grammar, usage, style,punctuation, how does it sound Final readability check - Short paragraphs + bold sub heads Publish What now (what do you want the reader to do next?) Enjoy