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#4 Product of the DayMarch 31, 2020
Every.org helps you discover nonprofits recommended by your friends and community, give to any registered US nonprofit with a few clicks, and create ripple effects by sharing why. Browse causes like every.org/coronavirus and start giving today.
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Last week @gmc (co-founder of Uber) DM'd me on Twitter about his latest project, Every.org. I love that he and the team are applying their experience building consumer products to charitable giving. This has the potential to convert non-givers into givers and make giving more rewarding. I just donated to MAPS and ARC. You can see my profile at https://www.every.org/@rrhoover. I have so many ideas but curious what's on the roadmap. 🤔
Hey everyone, co-founder here https://www.every.org/@mark. Thanks so much for hunting us and supporting MAPS and ARC @rrhoover, I loved reading why you chose them! Part of the inspiration for Every.org was that we wanted to learn more about giving and discover nonprofits from our friends and community, it's always a joy for me to learn why people give. We envision every nonprofit doing good work getting the reliable, recurring support needed to focus on their mission. To create those enduring connections between givers and nonprofits, we have some exciting features on our roadmap to help organizations and experts share their stories and impact data. If you know a nonprofit doing great work that might be interested, please support them on Every.org today, share why you give, and check out https://www.every.org/nonprofits if you'd like to improve their profile or guide our roadmap. We're just getting started. Not everyone can afford to donate often, especially in the middle of a crisis when it's needed most. Building better ways for givers to inspire each other and support their favorite causes through advocacy and volunteering (preferably remote, shelter-in-place friendly!) is on our minds. We’d love to hear from Hunters - what do you think of Every.org today and what would you like to see coming next?
@mark @rrhoover @mark_ulrich tremendous work. I'm so very happy to see a sustainable method for democratized support of the important work that NPOs do. I'd love to turn you and your co-founders on to our groundbreaking model for charitable giving at Six Beats Of Separation®. Just one of the amazing attributes of Six Beats is the fact that it lowers the bar for the general public to be charitable without even opening their wallets. A facet that in these trying times, and the reconstructive ones that will inevitably follow, we believe will be priceless in its ability to continue the support of NPOs at a time when they will need it most. Please consider getting involved with us as we are in our seed round and can turn every donated dollar into perpetual revenue for some of the most important causes of the world. With gratitude, Jason Joseph
@jason_joseph1 That's super cool! We would love to chat more about it, please hit us up at team@every.org. We do want to add more badges of endorsement in the future on the nonprofit profiles, such as "GiveWell" or "Six Beats of Separation"-endorsed, which might help with visibility.
@every @tina_roh grateful and happy to!
Hi, I'm also a cofounder of Every.org. You can find my profile at https://every.org/@omar 🙏 I'm convinced that giving to and supporting each other makes communities stronger. But until we started building Every.org I had never internalized how solitary (and roundabout) the act of giving is in modern society. I'm extremely grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to devote my time and energy for social good—and I hope that our product can serve as a catalyst, not just to connect do-gooders with nonprofits working on society's most underserved, but also to build stronger communities in the midst of division, isolation, and crisis. We're working hard to make this a site for people like you, so please sign up, let us know what you think and join us in making what we believe to be the simplest way to give; to become the most rewarding.
Hello! I am an Advisor to Every.org and am very excited about the platform. I sit on the board of the Saint Francis Foundation (https://www.every.org/saintfranc...) in San Francisco and have been involved in the startup/venture ecosystem for many years. This product has done an amazing job of making it easy for users to discover non-profits (through both friends and categories) and to donate to non-profits (either one-time or recurring). From a non-profit perspective, having many recurring donations and enabling new audiences to discover the non-profit through categories or viral effects is amazing and solves some real challenges for non-profits. I am excited for the continued growth of Every.org and the impact this platform will have on the world! :) PS: My non-profit donations can be discovered here: https://www.every.org/@arjun
@arjun @arjundarora Thank you for your support as always!
This is great! Particularly that it's a nonprofit itself. So many entities that help nonprofits have the .org domain so people think they're a nonprofit despite being a for-profit. This is a case where it's actually a 501c3, so you know they're 100% building it for the mission. Some of the for-profits that build tools, etc... for nonprofits definitely could be building for the right reasons, but there's always the chance the primary reason is $$. Though I do think you guys could do a better job of conveying you're a 501c3. I think the only place it says so is the FAQ?
@austinhallock great suggestion! Maybe it should go in the footer? We also mention in at https://www.every.org/about, but definitely not as prominent as it should be. We're proud to be a nonprofit, just like the organizations we support. Like you said, it ensures that in the long-term our goals will stay fully aligned with the givers and nonprofits we serve and keeps us 100% focused on the mission :)
@mark_ulrich ah, I see it now. Guess I skipped over the part between all the photos. It's too bad .orgs aren't restricted to nonprofits, or else this wouldn't be necessary. The `.ngo` tld that does require validation is pretty bad
@austinhallock Thanks Austin, this just reminded us we had to register for that. every.ngo redirects to every.org now!