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Evaluate an API before you code

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Thanks for posting @pjrvs -- I'm building EveryDeveloper and happy to chat APIs!
Very helpful! I often spend hours or even days deliberating over which API to use, and if I have to make recommendations to someone higher up, it's a huge headache. These reports would have saved me a lot of trouble :)
Very cool! With the proliferation of APIs I think the ability to pick out a good one is super important. I'll be checking this out for sure.
unrelated but - is the main photo of this post nr. kennett river along the great ocean rd?
@jordanfish The stacked rocks? It's apparently near West Quoddy Head Light House https://www.flickr.com/photos/ki...
@adamd Ahhh - i accidentally discovered this place while driving down GOC last month. Thought it was a weird coincidence - but not the same :) nice product btw, will share with my team
@adamd wow PH handles images v weird