Every Day Is Cheat Day

An Intermittent Fasting meal planner for mortals.

EDICD is a meal plan generator that pulls in foods from fast food and neighborhood restaurants. It can also be used for people practicing Intermittent Fasting or extreme dieting like One Meal a Day (OMAD). It is also built to be used while traveling.
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Hi folks, I've been on a steady weight loss journey since 2012 (slow carb + cycling -> keto -> and now IF + powerlifting). I found it hard to stick to my calorie targets while traveling and commuting to work. Me and another friend on IF thought we could build a tool to help people like us find food to eat without a lot of trouble. We built Every Day Is Cheat Day to help you find something to eat while out at a neighborhood restaurant, in the drive thru, or in line at the airport grabbing a quick bite. The recommendations uses a base metabolic reate (BMR) and calorie-in/calorie-out (CICO) calculator, divides those numbers by desired number of meals (OMAD, 2, 3, etc) then provides options for you to choose from. 1) Enter your age, gender, height, and weight 2) Choose # of meals 3) Select either type of food or Restaurants 4) See the recommendations. We show only items on the menu that fit your target goals. If you have feedback, questions, or have a restaurant you'd like to see, please add a comment below. Hope you like it!
Just added IHOP as list of available options.
Just added Soups!
Just added Chick-fil-a!
Added common Indian foods.
Added Panda Express Added Wing Stop Added Olive Garden Added Red Lobster
Would be cool to link those recommandation to Uber eat
Just added metric support (as requested)