Online burial tombs for everyone

I think you will need to market this service either more satirical or more serious, not in the middle. The reason memes work, it allows people to become part of the joke, your current messaging is too safe not satirical enough and it makes people feel they are not PART of the joke but THE joke if they sign up. It's a subtle difference but will make or break the idea. If you decided on serious, then make the service a site were people can upload photos, post stories, memories...like a virtual memorial about someone to memorialize them. It's also much easier to collect from the living then the dead.
Founder of Evertomb.com here. Got the crazy idea of creating the digital cementary where you can set up your personal Tomb. Being a digital Pharaoh was never easier :) Would be great if enough people support this to become not just an online cemetery with shiny tombs, but something way more awesome! Thanks for submitting
Great response from traffic coming from producthunt. Your feedback here would be highly appreciated! See you in the afterlife :)
@chadbharris Hi Chad, we are constantly thinking about this and you have a point there. We worked on it to make it more clear this is not about a dull memorial website. Setting up your tomb needs to be hilariously, yet showing your infinite greatness around the web. Thanks for the feedback!
@wielmenger I think you have the idea. You need to push the sarcasm to new levels so you find the 20% that are twisted and love it and 80% completely hate it, but they are so repulsed they talk about how much they hate it. If they love the idea or hate it, does not matter, the point that matters is they talk about it. Go more extreme so you get people talking about it. "What could be more fun than pranking your friends after you are dead!" Or "How to cyber haunt your x girlfriend from the grave" It's not for me personally but find a writer with a dark sense of humor and they could have fun with this.