Collect all your guests' photos, videos in one online album

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This idea has been tried and tried again. We tried at Google+ and ostensibly failed. There are some key challenges to overcome: 1. On-boarding everyone to use your app to share photos is hard. At Google+ we had the event-sharing feature built into Android, so we had distribution. It was still very hard to get everyone to turn it on. 2. The resulting set of varying quality photos / crotch shots / videos is going to create work for someone. Someone has to sort them. (We had everyone at Google IO taking photos and it resulted in a useless stream of chaos.) 3. For events like weddings, people want trained professionals to capture the moment and deliver it to them as a product. Professionals snap thousands of photos at weddings, pair it down to a representative set of highlights (less than 100) and post-process them to be beautiful. We tried to do this algorithmically at Google+, and it's extremely hard. There's a lot of work to be done to bring this to a place that's feasible, and with existing technology, I don't think it's possible yet.
@chrysb, thank you for your feedback. 1) if an idea has been tried over and over again, means that's its worth solving and there's a lot to learn from the past failures. The question is what and how can we learn from those past failures. 2) Those are all very good points except I don't agree with the last sentence. The question is how do you dive deep inside every one of these little issues and iterate enough to solve the problem. 3) Since we're in a crowded space, I cannot publicly get into the depth of how we solve each one of your concerns or what features we're building to solve those issues. But rest assured, we've been working on this idea for almost 3 years, we're cash flow positive, growing, and super motivated. Eversnap is and will be the product that captures people's Complete life stories. Thanks again for expressing your thoughts on this topic. I'd love to learn about your experiences at Google+ with these issues and your feedback on Eversnap's distribution and product strategy. If it's ok, I'll reach out via email to see if we chat in person.
Déjà Vu Color.app. It's nice to see services doing this well. My good friend just got married (a very social media circle) and it was in both his wedding invites + plastered at the event to "hashtag Instagram photos". I mean, I get this at meetups but was a bit more surprised with the wedding.
I just used this, this weekend! Very cool. The signup was a bit too much for the older folks. Would be amazing if there was no on-boarding at all - way more content would be shared. But how could that be done while still being valuable to the creators?
@lovethecool Hi Michelle, Thanks for using Eversnap! That's a great question, how do you balance the onboarding/sign up process vs. frictionless usage of the tool. I thought we've tried to make it as frictionless as possible, but we definitely have more work to do. Any specific ideas or feedback on certain things in the app?
kinda like http://www.appmyday.com/ which is more from the creator's perspective