Everlist Task Manager

Bringing sexy back to your daily lists

#3 Product of the DayDecember 31, 2015
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From their site: Everlist is bringing sexy back to your daily lists. Groceries, trips, errands, and daily todos managed simply. get your tasks under lovely control.
Looks really nice... I still just can not get myself to use daily lists! One day 🤔
@bentossell You should add that to your task list..
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@bentossell I share the same sentiments. I’m still an old-school, pen/paper organization machine. Love the idea of these apps but I don’t use them.
Design is great. Would love integration with google reminders/tasks (if possible)
@ggarnhart This is something we are considering. Right now, it was too limiting to manage reminders, folders, and the repeat functionality.
Like the design a lot,nice job!
@tnsrig Thank you Thanasis!
Wow! I LOVE the design! Function-wise, would there be possibilities of a mac app/web client and import tasks from my current to-do app in the future? :)
@alfred_lua We will be working on that for sure