Track your mileage automatically

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As an Uber Driver, keeping a record of my mileage has always been one of my least favorite things about the job. I've tried a few different apps, services, notebooks, etc. These options either didn't work very well or charged per number of trips. I decided to give Everlance a shot. I was immediately blow away with how well it worked. It's a free app and it works better than some of the paid options out there. It runs in the background, and doesn't have much of an effect on your phone's battery. When you're ready to do your taxes you just export the info. They recently released an update that greatly improved the entire app, making it even more reliable and stable. I'm looking forward to future updates from the Everlance team.
This looks super slick !
Why is this only available on US store?
Very cool! Thanks for making this, just wish I had it earlier in the year!

Everlance is a great app for tracking business mileage and it actually has more features than their competitors, such as the ability to manually add trips within the app & business revenue.


easy to use & setup. Tracks mileage automatically. Can add expenses & revenue. Easy to export to tax software to CSV. Receipt cloud storage.


No web-based dashboard (it's coming)