Evericons is a simple and totally free icon pack.

Main 420 icons are designed on a 24×24 grid, and additional 50 icons are designed on 16×16 grid.

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Hi, my name is Aleksey and here is my free icon pack Evericons. As a product designer, I know that even raw mockups look nicer when they have proper icons. And I also know that a designer could spend a huge part of a project's time working on icons. So several months ago I decided to create a tool for designers, that helps to focus on product creation and save time. Evericons is also useful for developers and entrepreneurs and allows them to create new websites, make apps, and build great products faster and cheaper. And finally, today I'm so excited to share with you the first version of Evericons. The current version has 420 well-crafted icons that are designed on a 24×24 grid, and additional 50 icons designed on 16×16 grid. I'm going to add more and more icons, so if you want to suggest a new icon, please fill this form. P.S. As a bonus level, I've included discount codes on the products I truly love, that were kindly provided by Avocode, Flawless App, IconJar, LSTORE, Realtime Board and Worksection. If you have any ideas or thoughts feel free to reach me on Twitter or email. Please download and review
Perfectly fits for the project I'm working on right now! Спасибо! :)
@egorevv Пожалуйста!
Awesome, thanks. It can also be great to have it as an icon font with classes cheatsheet. От меня тоже — спасибо!
@alexeev_valery Thank you Valery. I'll think about an icon font. Пожалуйста! Очень приятно читать такие комментарии 😉
@alekseypopov 🤘🏻If you need help to make it real, I can help. I think, we’ll convert it to font for our future projects.
Looks interesting
Awesome, thanks for sharing. Downloaded