Multi-angle immersive concert videos

I'm impressed how they've stitched fan-made videos into a continuous, multi-angle video. Unfortunately the music quality is very poor. :( I'm more interested in seeing this tech applied to other formats (e.g. sports games, on-the-ground breaking news, local events).
@rrhoover Hi Ryan next tuesday we release our new website for your personal video (family, trip souvenir, sport, etc...)
@eclictik woohoo! Thanks for the update.
Hi Ryan Thanks! As you may have guessed, our editing process is 100% automated and analyzes over a dozen criteria such as image stability and sound quality, several times per second. On the audio-side, our AI homogenizes all the devices' sources, then enhances the quality of the final track. Sometimes works better than others, depending on the style of music and/or quality of devices. ie: We think the sound is pretty great for this Depeche Mode video from their show at the Staples Center in 2013: http://egig.us/BRu7oJ Thanks for the awesome idea about expanding to new formats! In fact, this has been something we have been thinking about since day one, have been working hard on this since, and are currently experimenting with our prototypes! :)
@guiomj Also curious how artists respond to this. Have any been willing to give a sound board feed?
Crowdsourced live music videos seem to be this elusive holy grail of music sharing. I've seen other products attempt it, but this seems like it has the most potential. Even though the tech is impressive, I think the hardest thing might prove to be finding the audiences who want to view the content. Curious to hear your thoughts on the classic chicken-egg problem, @guiomj.
Seen a few products doing a similar thing. However, I think you guys have done it the best so far @guiomj. And yes the audio does leave something to be desired. Have you guys explored ways of getting plugged into the sound board?
Hi guys! Thanks for the comments. @alwaysunday , we've been in discussion with labels for months and actually artists are responding pretty well, especially as this month we are releasing our B2B widget. It enables them to embed our tech directly on their website/Facebook page and ask their fans to upload their footage there (without going through our website). And to answer the question that you and @dpolaske had regarding the board sound: through the widget, artists can override the ugc sound with their own recording. On a larger scale, phone cameras are already pretty good, so the manufacturers are working on better and better microphones. We think the time is about right for us. Also thanks @lylemckeany . You are right, the music industry is a tough one, but from the feedback and the partnerships in progress so far (especially in the US) the desirability seems to be in the air, but we'll keep on pushing, cuz that's what we all do, right? By the way, if you like the service, please spread the word, this would really help :) Thanks again for all your thoughts guys!
@guiomj Sounds like you haven't quite "nailed it" with the ideal setup just yet. Focus on getting one band to give you soundboard access, even if you have to go local or use a smaller venue. And then get 20 friends to record the entire show from different angles. Compile that video into a killer demo and I think you'll have something that artists would be silly to turn down. Especially the ones that can't take several videographers to every show. By empowering their fans, they can compile a live video of each show even just for vanity's sake. In any case, the technology is awesome but the lack of audio quality is going to keep coming up. Once you can show that it's solvable, conversations should get significantly easier. Also, have you considered plugging into the taping community and the people that spend their time smuggling in quality recording equipment to concerts? There's a lot of bands (mostly jam bands) that allow this but the artists on your site tend to be pretty strict against it. Good luck.
@alwaysunday Hi Andy, well we have more then 200 concerts (mostly french) available with "HD sound" but it appears that we've succeed to create higher quality with smartphones (because 1/4th of the time sound engineers forget to record correctly the sound) and also like Guillaume said, the smartphone have microphone with higher quality. But we really hope that musicians embrace our service and add their own sound. We'll come back by the end of the week with Artist dedicated tools. Think of us like the Souncloud for concert videos