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Just imagine the social-mobile impact of all your friends posting about how awesome Coachella is while you are in Austin, so you go on Everfest and book an all-inclusive trip to next year's Coachella...
@dbdriscoll Thanks Dan, that's the dream.
Howdy PH Friends, We’re pumped to launch the Everfest mobile app! Most organizers can’t shell out year after year for outsourced apps that everyone deletes the next day. It’s pretty silly if you think about it — so we’re fixing that. Where the Everfest site handles the before and after, the app fills in the day-of festival experience with schedules and lineups, an interactive map that isn’t a terrible zooming PDF, a friend finder that doesn’t kill your battery and (soon) tribes that help you connect. We currently have some upcoming festivals loaded into the app, primarily in Texas, Bay Area and Chicago. Also signing up festivals to use Everfest as their official app (for free). Thanks for your feedback — fest on, y’all.
Apologies if anyone had App Store trouble earlier - all good now!
Hey folks, we decided to have a little fun and make a Product Hunt Fest page on Everfest. Tell us what you want to see on it, and we’ll add you to the “lineup”: https://www.everfest.com/e/produ...
Way cool!
Almost forgot! If any of you Product Hunters are in Austin, the Everfest Team will be out at Blues on the Green this evening giving the apps a whirl. Come give it a test with us!