A global calendar and search engine for festivals

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I like that Everfest surfaces a variety of festivals from music to food to film-based events. There's so much going on around San Francisco! h/t to @joshconstine via his TC article
@joshconstine @rrhoover Thanks, Ryan - we are, indeed, trying to capture the breadth of ALL the festivals, which is quite staggering. Meaty task, but we're excited to take it on.
Thanks everyone, we're glad you all like the product. We've got a handful of more features rolling out soon, including an App to help with the "at festival" experience. Let's Go Where the Fun Is...
Hi everyone - as one of the Everefest co-founders, it's great to already see the excitement and passion that discovering your next adventure can bring to all of us. Thanks for your thoughts so far - we are just beginning this journey so we welcome your feedback!
This is solid
@irvingtorresyc Thanks, Irving - appreciate the kind words.
Love this idea! Thanks!
@schipke Thank YOU Melissa. Appreciate your support.