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This was a fun side project that @Sortino and I worked on for a while last year. It's actually when I first started using Slack after Josh's recommendation and ended up landing a job there. Thanks for the hunt @Andrewjbryk!
@Andrewjbryk How did you find Everdwell? Beautiful UI and concept - seems to have come out of nowhere. Definitely a concept that needs to come to fruition, Squarespace-quality real estate websites.
@realsimonburns @matmullen followed me on Twitter and I noticed that he was a co-founder of Everdwell. I thought it was an awesome product that is both helpful and beautifully designed. Received some press from TechCrunch as well back in August (just added to related links)
Thanks everyone! Was totally note expecting to see Everdwell on PH today. Would you like to see us keep developing it?
@matmullen, @Sortino, what happened to everdwell? Would love to hear the full story.