Evercontact Chrome Plugin

Instantly grab & save new contacts from anywhere on the web

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Stewart RogersHunter@therealsjr · Journalist/Analyst/Speaker - VentureBeat
I've been an Evercontact customer for a while. It allows me to ensure my contact list is always up-to-date by parsing email signature data and updating that contact automatically. Evercontact were gracious enough to give me a sneak preview of this new addition; a Chrome plugin that allows you to grab and save new contacts from anywhere on the 'net, and it is magical.
Brian Fanzo@isocialfanz · Millennial Speaker & Podcast Host
@therealsjr I haven't used it in awhile but thanks to this review... I'm signing back up to give it a shot... thanks Stewart!
Philippe LavalMaker@philippe_laval
@isocialfanz @therealsjr Thanks Brian! Hope you like it, any questions or feedback welcome
Philippe LavalMaker@philippe_laval
Thanks Stewart!
Pascal Jaillon@p45c41 · Product leader - Mobile, Cloud & IoT
Awesome solution! Who needs outdated contact information? Not me... Well done.
Philippe LavalMaker@philippe_laval
Thanks Pascal!
Nico Lumma@nico · Managing Partner Next Media Accelerator
works like a charm, have been using it for a while!
Philippe LavalMaker@philippe_laval
@nico Hi Nico, nice to see you back. Thanks for the kind word.
Steven Renwick@major_grooves
Any chance of a Pipedrive integration, or maybe something via Zapier?
Philippe LavalMaker@philippe_laval
@major_grooves Hi Steven, stay tuned, Pipedrive integration might come very fast. Would you like to be on the beta list for it?