Safest cryptocurrency exchange and multicoin hardware wallet

Evercoin is the safest crypto wallet and exchange. We provide a hardware wallet through integration with YubiKey. We are always non-custodial and users always maintain custody of their own keys. We provide easy non-custodial backup and recovery of wallets.

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Hi Talip! Cool product. What key differentiators are there between Evercoin and Shapeshift? Are you using the Shapeshift API on the backend to manage the conversion?
@nickabouzeid Hi Nick. We don't use any third party API or tool for the conversion. All in-house. In addition to improving the user experience, we will closely work with new coin and tokens with custom needs or not heavily traded on the market. Here is an example: https://evercoin.com/zencash
@oztalip Cool! More competitors are always good. Appreciate your response & your different emphasis 🤗
@nickabouzeid @oztalip What exactly is improved about the experience?
@nickabouzeid @oztalip @mike_seekwell we give custody to the users and provide a mobile first multicoin wallet with integrated exchange experience
Great Product! Was wondering how fast is the conversion? Like Changelly takes quite some time (sometimes hours) compared to shapeshift. How speedy would you say Evercoin conversion is compared to both? (without considering the confirmation times for coins) Also is the rate fixed when we click the "Exchange" button or can it change while the coins are being confirmed on blockchain?
@0xethan exchange is done entirely through blockchains. So the speed depends on the confirmation speeds of the blockchain. BTC takes about 10 minutes to confirm a transaction. ETH/ETC will take around 7 seconds, XRP is about 3 seconds.
@0xethan if you send the exact deposit amount in 10 minutes, even if it takes 30 minutes to confirm, you get the exact promised amount. If we receive a different amount than the deposit, we do recalculate when confirmed.
I have been using them a lot recently, they always offer the best prices compared with Shapeshift.io and Changelly. Haven't had a single issue so far.
Your conversion rate spreads are bit out of whack, especially considering there are more trusted, established exchanges (Bittrex) out there - even decentralized ones (Etherdelta) - which deal in esoteric alt coins as well. What exactly sets you apart?
@bitfalls we give custody to the user, which is a pretty big deal. Also we are a mobile first product.
Neat approach and probably a good step contributing to enlarge cryptocurrency adoption!