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Today, we’re launching the first stage of Everchat - reserve your user ID now! ⚡️
Our vision is to create the most secure group messaging out there. Join us on this journey, and be part of something amazing. 🙏
All feedback and questions welcome! ❤️
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Hello hunters and makers! 👋 After around a year of refining the idea and conceptualizing it, we’re really proud to announce the first step in our journey here on Product Hunt. It’s our small humble beginning (we’re just 2 people working on it at the moment), but we think that our mission of securing, protecting, and empowering our basic human right - the Internet freedom, is very important for everyone. Let’s make the Internet a slightly better and freer place together. 🚀 We’re still early and have a long way to go. We look forward to hearing your feedback, and are happy to answer any questions that you might have!
Given what we've already seen in the last ten years with social platforms when content isn't moderated, are you worried at all about how your work will be used to harm people?
@_taurean Worried? Definitely. But if we (Everchat) were to curate it, we would go against what we stand for. If there are any hateful/harmful communities in Everchat, their content will never be exposed to you, unless you join them. The same of course works for any other community. 🙂