The wirefree security cam with 365-day battery life

EverCam is a total wire-free security camera that you can install easily. It features in 1-year battery life, face-recognizing technology, 1080p full HD day & night monitoring, free local storage, IP66 weatherproof and more. Just check it out.

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As a smart home hobbyist (SmartThings, Google Home, ZWave) compatibility with IFTTT, SmartThings, Google Home, is a must. I see it's a stretch goal - need that locked and loaded before I consider this a contender.
@tylerscochran we recently post an update that mentions: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support will be available at the time of shipping. Apple HomeKit support is being planned for future development and we will keep you updated. IFTTT support is confirmed but will be available with a software update after shipping. For 3rd Party Home Automation Compatability, we’ve heard suggestions to include support for SmartThings, Wink, Home-Assistant.io, and Blue Iris. Currently, support for home automation is not in the pipeline. Due to limited development resources and our intent to meet the target ship date, we are focusing development on the features we originally set out to achieve and add on features that won’t impact our original objectives. Hope that helps.
Hi Everyone! Thanks for the hunting the EverCam! 🙌 We all want to feel safe, especially in our own homes. Our team set out to create something fast and easy to install that can protect your home and family. But, everything I found was so complicated and expensive. So at eufy, we came up with the EverCam - a wirefree security cam with 365-Days of battery life: 👉A wirefree and fast installation 👉No hidden cost with an one-time fee only 👉Long-lasting battery life by utilizing advanced battery technology from Anker 👉AI capabilities that can save more batteries and have human recognition features by using deep neural networks. We’ve received a great deal of positive response and feedback from our backers. We’re on a mission to make everyone feel safe. Thank you for supporting us!
@larrylynn1 What makes you different from Blink cameras? I don't see many differences other than features like AI based recognition but then that doesn't seem anything appealing for me to consider upgrading. I'd love to understand this more as I'm looking to add some more cameras. P.S. Blink cams are slim in design, wire-free battery based (they claim 1 year life too but it failed ofc) and also no subscription kinda model too. So it does the job well.
@irazasyed The main difference is in the quality of video (EverCam 1080P and Blink 720P) and length of battery life and the fact that EverCam has a night vision option. And also the facial recognition technology to avoid excessive false alarms. Here is the detailed comparison of the two products: BLINK Spec VS EverCam: *720P resolution (EverCam 1080P) * non-rechargeable AA lithium batteries(EverCam is rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery - 13400 mAh) *short Battery of total 40,000 seconds without night vision (EverCam is 110,000 seconds with night vision) * each system cloud storage for up to 7,200 total seconds of video or 1,440 five-second events (EverCam with 16GB local storage support 1 year of video on one camera, with 10 videos per day, 30 seconds each, 110,000 total 1080P seconds of Video, or 3,650 30 seconds events. also support expandable to 128GB Micro SD card) *only Mic(EverCam both speaker & Mic) *Normal angle lens (EverCam 140° super wide angle) *No human or face detection (EverCam support human and face detection, and facial recognistion ) *No anti-theft detection for camera(EverCam Support motion sensor triggered anti-theft detection ) *No siren(EverCam HomeBase has 100dB siren inside) *Not Support sensors expandable(EverCam support entry sensors in the same System) *Only plastic wall mount(EverCam has 1 magnetic mount and 1 metal screw mount) *No backup Battery in HUB(EverCam HomeBase Support 2 days backup Battery for Power off local Video storage and Siren alarm)
@larrylynn1 I love the idea but the slim profile of the Blink cameras is a must for my use case. If these had the same profile I would use them over Blink
I currently have an Arlo Pro 2, however I really dislike the $99 yearly charge for the cloud. This one seems like a great alternative.
As an Anker fan, I always love their innovative products. I can't wait to try this one and throw my old security camera away. Great innovation!
@fabricio_chan Thank you for your support.
@fabricio_chan Anker is great. I only use their batteries. Best around. That's how I know you're not bullshucksing us with the year claim.
For someone who doesnt like installing, cables and such (like me) this one is perfect! Also love that they support local storage instead of the cloud!