Life-sized LEGO's. Blocks to build nearly anything.

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I wanted to give everyone in the community a discount on our EverBlock but PLEASE don't distribute this code outside of the community as this really cuts our margin razor thin. You can used Friends20 to get a 20% discount at checkout. I'd love feedback from everyone if they build anything with our product.
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@arnonrosan Hey Arnon! This is awesome man. What's the durability of the block like? Has anyone ever used them in the developing world?
@matth3wmarshall Hi Matthew. Thanks for the kind words. The blocks are quite durable and have a UV package to prevent discoloration or breakdown in the sun. Blocks also have reinforcement ribs and are quite thick. We estimate weight loading at about 100psi but haven't run tests YET. I really would love to get these out there as a low cost housing alternative in developing countries and as we add accessories like windows and doors make just for the blocks, I am hopeful we can make this a truly viable option.
@arnonrosan Awesome idea and I think the price points are bang on. Do you guys have a patent on this? Is there any risk of Lego kicking down doors and launching a lawsuit? Especially since EverBlocks look like just bigger versions.
@ekryski Most of the LEGO patents have expired and are unenforcable now. Apparently they've tried to argue that the brick shape/look is a trademark, but last I saw they weren't able to argue that case successfully. Robot Chicken, as always, has a surprisingly accurate cartoon to explain the situation:
@arnonrosan looks like the Friends20 code no longer works?
This is fantastic. I would love to see a dedicated blog for this showing what people have done with their Everblocks. I have so many ideas!
@samdickie87 Thanks for the comment. You might want to try and play around building things on our virtual builder @ build.everblocksystems.com. We try to post images of what people built on our website but its sometimes tough to get people to send us pictures of the things they have built. I like the idea of expanding our blog and hope people will start to contribute and post their constructions when we do so!
@arnonrosan sounds great I will give it a shot.
@arnonrosan You should create a hashtag for customers to use that you feature on your social accounts and website. Give them a reward for sharing content
I'd though of this idea years ago when my kids were little and we often had a million legos everywhere. Why not have big ones that you could build actual houses with? Bravo to you for making this real!
A modular block system with pieces as wide as a foot, Everblocks can quickly make life-sized, practical furniture solutions with some clever stacking. And they put your LEGO logic (and creativity) on display. With an interlocking modular system, EverBlock offers three different shape types — the full, half and quarter block as well as coordinating endcaps to ensure a smooth surface to rest items on. It requires no tools, glue or heavy equipment. Anything you've constructed can be taken apart and re-assembled again, and the pieces can be re-used to build other objects. The plastic bricks come in 12 standard colors, including clear, as well a “premium” colors gold and silver. The full-size bricks also include two cable channels, allowing you to hide cables or thread the blocks with LEDs. Water and chemical-resistant, the blocks also accommodate reinforcement rods for more complex and load-bearing projects. Everblocks start at $3.95 per block (for the quarter size). The company also provides a combo pack of 26 single-color blocks for $150. If the prices seem too steep, there’s a rental program available on request.
This is awesome!