Capture and rediscover your life's memories

Sambidhan Mohanty
  • Pros: 

    Cleans memory, stores photos and videos, tags people and shares with them, downloads images from social media. It's a full productivity app!


    haven't come across any issues so far

    Started using the app after running out of memory. Didn't realize that the app could do way more than that. I no longer need 3-4 different apps for each functionality. Ever has them all!

    Sambidhan Mohanty has used this product for one year.
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Mur Ges
Mur Ges@mur_ges
Have you read the reviews on the Play store? Not good. I am just wondering how they have addressed the several complaints they have received about their 'dodgy' practices. Especially about hijacking users address books and spamming them with ads.
Bikram Agarwal
Bikram Agarwal@vicky_buddie
@mur_ges That's what I noticed too and noped out. + The idea of giving access to so many of my personal accounts to one startup makes me feel quite uneasy anyway.
Eric Willis
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
Get free, unlimited private backup of all your life's memories, from anywhere they exist.
Anthony Stylianou
Anthony Stylianou@anthony_stylianou · Social Media Manager, CatchApp
Nice! Looking forward to using this
Mathias Elmose
Mathias Elmose@galimotion · The Chewbacca of EdTech
Have used it for a while and are very happy with it. I really like the new mac desktop app. Two features I really like is "hide duplicates" and the ability to export all my photos. I have had many bad experiences with app where it was very hard to get my photos out (Picturelife). I use this together with Google Photos but it only pay for Ever.
Guy Shimoni
Guy Shimoni@guyshimoni · Developing technology to play with
Been using it for awhile now, pretty awesome.