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EventsToo by Swapp is FREE Event Management and Community building platform for small & med-sized event organizers & planners, who are looking to provide amazing event experience and unforgettable attendee engagement. Try Demo & Sign-up for Priority Access.
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Excellent product, very innovative
@mark_plaskow Thank you for your support Mark!
We’re excited to announce, EventsToo by Swapp, tailored for the events that created by small and medium-sized event organizers, planners and for the meetings, seminars, and internal conferences organized by organizations. We love events …Speakers, networking, learning, sharing, and engaging..but the experiences can really suck. As per our research, there really wasn’t a great platform that supported both event organizers and attendees and made the experience memorable, fun and engaging. Organizers had no decent platform to create and manage their events after selling tickets on Eventbrite and attendee engagement and follow-up was a challenge, to say the least. So we came up with EventsToo that will pick up where the Eventbrite has left off. AND, DID I TELL YOU? IT IS FREE for small medium-sized events with up to 1,000 attendees per event and for all non-for-profit organizations of any size. What is the EventsToo? Well, Eventstoo is an event management and community building platform aimed at automating processes, increasing attendee engagement, and providing an unforgettable experience. -- SIGN-UP NOW to secure your PRIORITY ACCESS.---- We built it with the help and feedback of our community on facebook and with the help of more than 30 early supporting organizations who started this journey with us. Now, we would love to hear from you about your event experience as an attendee or as an event organizer. What are your biggest concerns are? ______________________________________________ Additionally, these are the main challenges of the small and medium-sized event organizer and our solutions to help the small and medium-sized event community. Top 4 Challenges that small and medium-sized event organizers currently experiencing: 1. Manual on-site registration process Our Solution: Using Swapp’s platform every event organizer and planner now can seamlessly create an event directly on Swapp or import existing events and attendees from Eventbrite, generate attendee name-tags for attendees, and use QR code-based easy check-in system at their every event. 2. Event attendee engagement Our Solution: Every event organizer now can leverage Swapp’s AI-based matchmaking, attendee list, social media integrations, and many other interactive features to provide an unforgettable experience to their attendees. 3. Event ROI and an ability to monetize beyond event day. Our Solution: Swapp’s Insight dashboard will allow you to measure your metrics and find ways to improve your events. Further, see what this research says about the importance of your event ROI. The average ROI for events is in the 25-34% range. 19% don’t know their event ROI. 91% measure the success of their events on attendee satisfaction. 61% measure according to their specific event objectives and 60% determine results based on staying within budget. 67% measure ROI on attendee satisfaction, 52% determine results based on staying within budget and 51% measure ROI based on the number of registrations As per Event Manager Blog’s, Event Management Software 2019 Survey, when current event management technology providers were asked to identify their single primary purpose. This is what they have identified: “Many of the products submitted are primarily aimed at and suitable for CORPORATE CLIENTS and ENTERPRISE solutions. THE INDEPENDENT PLANNERS, SMALL BUSINESSES, ASSOCIATIONS, FOR-PROFIT EVENTS, NOT-FOR-PROFIT EVENTS, AND ACADEMIC EVENTS have no easy and cost-effective access to an event management technology” --- Not anymore, now you have Swapp (EventsToo by Swapp). ---- 4. Most event tech platforms are expensive and limiting Our Solution: Swapp was built keeping in mind the interest and available budgets of the SME event organizers and planners. We think that organizers and planners should not be paying for event-tech and IT IS NOT FAIR. Therefore, Swapp is introducing a transparent, robust and user-friendly solution that you could ever find in the market with sophisticated functionality. We even decided to offer our services for FREE for all event planners and organizers to ensure that they could step up their game, provide an unforgettable experience to their attendees, and build their communities. For additional details on pricing please check EventsToo by Swapp’s website ( ). SIGN-UP and secure your spot for the PRIORITY ACCESS to use the platform as soon as mid-August.
@stas_zhitkovsky thank you for your support. Appreciate it.
Great work unifying this event management and community building process for both the attendee and organizer. Quality design and appreciate the business model allowing complimentary access for smaller scale users. Excited to follow along on your progress!