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So Hi! I'm Nikhil, teen entrepreneur, web developer, and event fanatic. Happy to drop EventsBase today as an attempt to build something that can be truly useful to anyone looking to find professional events near them or anywhere around the world (conferences, retreats, summits, etc). For me, it was scratching an itch of finding the best "professional" events, rather than the jumble of other informal events you can find on several other sites. EventsBase looks to bring a curated solution to this. To kick it off, the focus is going to be on Tech and Business in terms of the types of events you'll see on the site. This fits under an umbrella of web development/design, anything to do with business, Big Data, IoT, and a lot more. Right now, this platform is invite only in terms of people who can post conferences, but to start off, simply submit an event at and you'll more than likely see it pop up on the site! In terms of who can find value in this product, event-goers and event organizers. Event-goers can simply visit this site anytime they'd like to find the best professional events while organizers can get their events discovered with the potential of more ticket buyers, speakers, and companies interested in sponsoring. Event Organizers also have an opportunity to get more eyes on their event if they sign up for EventsBase+, which you can learn more about here And that should be it! Follow @EventsBaseco on Twitter to get updates on events that are being added to the platform and for more announcements. In the meantime visit and login to give a "Like" to an event that you may be interested in attending or simply following (and check out your profile to see your previous likes). πŸŽ‰ Thanks for posting Kiki!
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@waltspence @eventsbaseco Thanks Walt! I hope you find an event that interests you on the platform 😎
@techvoltz just submitted my first one πŸ—“
@jaronrayhinds Thanks for the support Jaron πŸ•Ά
@techvoltz @eventsbaseco Hey! Do you have an API ? so we could integrate it to Whevent ?
Nikhil's event-finding platform sounds really useful to me--I'm always hearing about events after they've happened. Of course, as with any user generated content platform, he needs some participation to really make it work -- so I suggested a few events, and you should, too! πŸ‘
@kikischirr Thanks for the hunt and thanks for the suggestions Kiki! Glad you like it πŸ˜€
Great job Nik! Love the design, how do you plan to get events in the database? Are you crowd-sourcing, scraping, hitting APIs, etc?
BTW Sweet domain!
@soroushg_ Thanks Soroush! Right now, it's going to be crowd-sourced to really keep that curation aspect. Glad you dig the design and the concept, I hope you find some events that you're interested in! πŸ‘
The Medium post is now up explaining the platform in more detail!
Nice work Nikhil! Great platform that I really hope can take off to provide me with some great value.
@peterjdonoghue Thanks for the kinda words Peter and thanks for all the feedback in initial testing!