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The fact that anyone can post a star rating may mean that the 'reviews' are less valuable... (I could say Web Summit was 1 star, but I've never been) Have you also thought about adding a text element so people can say something about it?
Thank you @bentossell. We definitively want to include a comment box in our next release to collect qualitative verbatim. Regarding the fact that anyone can post a rating, we've seen that most users only rate events they attended and when they give a rating, bad or good, to an event they don't know in person, it's based on what their friends told them and some sort of 'collective' wisdom. However, we hope to improve the app and get closer to 100% real reviews in the future.
I like the concept from a strictly lead generation POV. The design is dope. It reminds me of Typepad. I'm curious what the end goal is suppose to be for the user. Like @bentossell said, it's really easy to just fake ratings.
@dredurr thank you Deandre, @monicabadulescu is responsible of our design. You made her day :) For now, we're just testing wether event attendees are demanding such a product and willing to evaluate conferences and tradeshows. In the future, we would like to recommend events to users based on those they liked the most.
This is a great idea and a good start. I'd suggest a different layout / UI -- at least on mobile, each event is full screen and you have to go through them in sequence. I'd recommend putting events in a list, allowing searching / filtering the list, maybe even drilling down by category. That way I can focus on events I care about. Later, maybe you could have a page for each event which has info / details and allows people to leave comments.
@yozzozo Thank you Matt, very interesting feedback. UI is the same on desktop right now but your recommendation makes a lot of sense for future releases. Do you have an exemple of website in mind that uses this type of UI?
@yozzozo Ha! Are you suggesting @ProductHunt for #Events? :)
@benjamin_costantini Might not be a bad idea. There should be a way to find events by name or category quickly, and the upvoting system is a good way of allowing people to vote on those they choose to, without requiring them to vote on everything (especially events they've never heard of).
Great feedback, thank you @yozzozo. The main challenge will be to build an active online community first... We'll def look into it!
Have you ever wanted to review conferences and tradeshows that you’ve been attending with you startup? Eventologist is a rating app for tech events that allows you to give anonymous feedback and know which events are the most popular based on a live ranking. You can also win a free ticket by participating in this early release!
Hi @adrienm! Thank you for finding us, we're thrilled to be here on Product Hunt and we look forward to getting feedback on Eventologist. This rating system was created to improve the value of Tech events for startups by displaying a live ranking of the most popular ones. Everyone has a strong opinion about which events are better, yet we couldn't find anything similar. So we built a little app to collect ratings from the crowd.
look like a nice Beta, what's next?
@vincentguilloux thank you Vincent. First we would like to improve the rating functionalities with a comment box for users to leave notes & feedback. Then we will be able to develop the recommendation side of Eventologist and match attendees with events that fit their business profiles.