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@shpigford This is the best endorsement we could have possibly hoped for :)
@mnlfrgr I don't think 😳 means what you think it means...
@aarondfrancis It was ironic Aaron ;)
Can I just go ahead and say what everyone is thinking here? Design-wise, this is plagiarism. It's not "inspiration". As a designer (and one of the original designers of Baremetrics), I know the difference. Inspiration means seeing what works well and what doesn't, making significant changes, then creating your own brand that reflects your own company's values. What you've done is look directly at a company in a similar space and literally lifted exact implementations of visual details down to the pixel, color, copy, organization, layout, value props, and more. That's textbook plagiarism. I'm sorry if that's not what you want to hear. But that's what it is.
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If I didn't know any better, I'd say this was ever-so-slightly inspired by Baremetrics. 🤔
@dannyfiorentini ha yeah it looks pretty familiar... @_anthonyfrancis what inspiration did you take from Baremetrics and would you say this is a Baremetrics for Eventbrite?
Hey @bentossell yeah we did, but it's something event organisers have been looking for.
@_anthonyfrancis oh no doubt - just seems to look really really similar to baremetrics. Not quite sure how the response to that will be thats all
@dannyfiorentini Hey Danny, you don't miss a thing! :) We took a lot of inspiration from Baremetrics which we also consider a GREAT company. Let's hope @shpigford he's not sensitive about it ;)
@dannyfiorentini I don't consider this only inspiration TBH...it's basically a visual copy...some text is identical on the site, and a lot of visuals in emails and the site are almost identical. No? Guess which ones is which: - vs - vs - vs The product looks pretty interesting other than that. :)
Hey Hunters! EventNinja was birthed from a personal need and event organisers demand for more insights around their events. We studied similar tools such as Baremetrics and Intercom for inspiration and had feedback sessions with event organisers to better understand their needs. EventNinja is an one click solution to get hundreds of metrics & insights from your Eventbrite account. It has team collaboration, and will instantly turn your Eventbrite data in to juicy reports and insights, for all your events, in seconds. It’s perfect for event organisers who are looking for a holistic view of their events and wish to improve attendee retention and ticket sales over time. I'm looking forward to all your questions! PS: We are offering 1 month free access to 50 lucky users. :D
@_anthonyfrancis will you be adding Ticketfly?
@anodigital They don't have an API, so not for now.
@_anthonyfrancis Jam API: Parse web pages using CSS query selectors https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@anodigital not sure if that would work because you'd have to authenticate to get into your dashboard, but maybe.
Sometimes the problem of seeking inspiration from existing solutions is that it can create "me-to" UX design as a result which is why the comparison to baremetrics will continue to surface. PS. Not discounting the product you have created, well done :-)