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Hey, @toddg777! Congrats on the launch. There are a ton of event-based apps already out there. What "hole" are you filling and can you tell us more about your design process and what you did to validate demand?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! There are a lot of event apps out there, but there are actually very few for the do-it-yourself ticketing platforms like ourselves. We're helping our organizers create a better experience for their events -- sharing of information, communication, incorporating social, etc. It's worth noting, the app is only applicable to Eventjoy-powered events so it's not really a standalone event app for discovery and such. I've previously written about how we roll out features so fast for being such a small team. It took us two years to make our first hire. Now that the team is growing, we'll have to figure out how to scale this process. As for validation, we just listen to what our users are asking for and then prioritize it based on frequency. re: http://blog.eventjoy.com/post/87...
I’m a founder at Eventjoy and it’s exciting to see this on PH (thanks Eric)! This was a huge effort for our team and it’s great to finally release it to the world. There are a lot of event apps out there, but what sets ours apart is how comprehensive it is for event goers and the new capabilities it opens up for event organizers -- real-time chat, live announcements via push notifications, interactive event content, a live stream of Twitter and Instagram posts, etc. I’ll be sticking around here for most of the day to answer questions and listen to feedback :) P.S. - A great demo event to see the full capability of the app is Future Tech '15 (Demo)...just search for it.
@toddg777 Hey! Do you have an API ? so we could integrate it to Whevent ? :) https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Used Eventjoy at an event in NY this past summer - it was good then. Looks like it got even better (chat looks awesome)!
Thanks @thomasmeagher :) Just curious, which event was it?
@toddg777 YC Startup School NY