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Always good to see new event tech startups. I work at BusyConf, an event planning platform for conference organizers. I think it's a good industry but lots of things to be careful about. 1. Ticket registration is quickly becoming a commodity, where the cheapest price wins. 2. You can't afford to compete with Eventbrite and other large competitors when it comes to paid ads. Eventbrite bids high on purpose because they can afford to (From a GrowthHackerTV interview with the CEO). 3. The above means you have to use earned distribution channels. Lots of consistent and high quality content. Your ACV will most likely be too low for outbound sales. 3. Eventbrite grew quickly because a lot of attendees who used it to buy tickets ended up using it to sell tickets. Find the balance between promoting your product and letting your customers white label their app and registration pages.
I've organized several small brunches and a few happy hours. There's certainly an opportunity to make it easier -- finding a venue, coordinating schedules, and personally inviting people takes a lot of time. Also see Attending.io (http://attending.io, posted here: http://www.producthunt.co/posts/...). cc @stef, @allnick
I love this idea. I spent 3 years hacking something similar (preparty.com) in my first startup in the days before facebook events.
I'm one of the founders at Eventjoy; happy to answer any questions! Ryan - Hopefully we can help with some of those events. That's the first time I've seen Attending.io; looks like a cool product. Jonathon - Thanks! I wish I could see more of how Preparty worked.
@OsmnShkh - Thanks for the insights. A few thoughts: - Agreed about ticket pricing. We're not trying to be the cheapest; I've even seen one or two companies try to be completely free. - There are opportunities in paid ads, you just have to be creative where your spend goes. - We've steered clear of white labeling the app for a few reasons, one of which is lack of product promotion given our price point. Cheers.