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@nparasram beautiful app but there's literally 6 events on here. Heads up... People don't create events for event sites and outside of niches (like EDM) engagement is like 1-2x per month for event discovery. Happy to chat privately about it Martin at UpOut.com
@martinshen hi martin! our community seeders are starting today, we've just launched but we are going to get all of the events on there soon. we have ambassadors in each of the major cities working with us on adding in the most relevant events to their community.
@martinshen I would definitely love to chat about this and what you see as the challenges in this space.
Hello fellow Product Hunters! I'm proud to share Eventible with you, the easiest way to create & discover events with friends. I'm pumped to finally share the app with you all as Daniel & I want to see all of the amazing experiences that'll be created in our community. I decided to build Eventible about two years ago, but it was a much more basic & totally different concept than the finished product is today (which I'm really proud about). It's now being used by people in Malaysia, South Africa, Germany, Chile & more. I'm excited to start building an ecosystem of event creators & helping people discover events for them based on their taste data, friends & location. Happy to answer any questions and if you'd like to reach out to me personally, my e-mail is: info@sonarprojects.com
@nparasram @eventibleapp Hey! Do you have an API so we could integrate Whevent ? https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Congrats @nparasram on the launch! The product looks pretty nifty and simple to use so far. Excited to see what's next.
@kwamesworld thanks Kwame! can't wait to show everyone what we've got planned.
"The first social network for events" feels like a stretch. What about Upcoming, Eventful, et al?
@chrismessina Hi Chris! that tagline was just a placeholder, we only have a mobile application right now and just put that website up a few days back for a landing page. Thanks for reminding us!