Project management and analytics for events.

Where's the freemium dudes?! Also, the pricing page is a little wonky on my iPhone.
Going to check it tomorrow, hope this is what need!
@roberthopman cool, let me know if you'd like any help!
@apatriq Looks great, will discuss with the team.
This looks sweet! Congrats on getting hunted @derekdahmer :) what other features do you guys have on the roadmap that you're excited for?
Hello to EventGeek :) I have only one little SEO matter - using headings. You got 5 H1 on the page. Should be one H1 and several H2, H3... (not even matter that page is coded in html5). Google see H1 heading like name of the book. H2 are chapters, H3 subchapters,... Based on structure is important for google have one H1 with the brand name for example. Other headings should contain relevant keywords based on your business.* Its not a mistake to have multiple H1 on website, it's just not right - especially for big websites where every SEO point matters and titles have a lot more weight given the strength of the website. *You have for example keyword "Home" in H1 - practically irrelevant keyword not related to your business. Anyway i'am giving a flag for myself to check deeper your product - as other mention, it really looks great :) Good luck with the product guys! :)