Eventer – Collect & Share Memories

Create your private social network dedicated to your event

Collect & share all the memories for life of your event instantly in this free private social network.

You all know how hard it is to get all of your friend's/family's/colleague's photos/videos/gif... after a vacation/festival/wedding/party/team building....

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Collect & share all the memories of your event instantly in this free private social network. Have you ever been in a situation where you went on a holiday with friends and found it hard to get all the pictures or videos from everyone? Eventer is an easy way for sharing photos/ gifs / boomerangs / videos in one online album whether you organise a private event (birthday, holiday, wedding, party, bar mitzvah, etc) or a corporate event (teambuilding, incentive, kick-off, networking, activation, …). What can you do with Eventer? - Create an album - Connect guests by geo-localisation or by invite (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger, email, Skype, sms, …). No codes or hashtag. - Sign up with email, Facebook, Linkedin or anonymous - Take photos - Add photos, gifs, videos, boomerangs and live photos from your gallery - Create a gif - Comment & like the content - Share the content (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger, email, Skype, …) - See other guests and their profile - GPS directions to the event - Search on photos and events - Sort on likes - Real time assistance inside the app - See and save the event from your computer - There is more but you have to get the app to check it ;-) Eventer doesn’t eat up your storage, the app is slim and the content is in the cloud. Why would you put your private or professional life on a social network since Eventer is private. Eventer doesn’t have any right on your content. You can delete it at any time. As a guest, you can stay anonymous. Signing up is required for creating an event. Eventer is free for private events, while a pro licence offers the following features: - Live Show (display the content in real time on screens) - Real time content moderation (filter out inappropriate or offensive content) - Photographer or the photo booth connection - Communication & Marketing Tools - Brand activation - Easy content management
The added value is the simplicty of the UX(people can be anonymous in the app), the localisation system that provide an easy access to the guest, the size of the app(16mo) and all the package Premium we provide to Pro Event Organizers...
Heya. How would this be different from Moments by Facebook?
@lyondhur yes sure the size of the app, the possibility to be anonymous and share picture with people you do not have as friend on FB(example wedding...) and the Business Model(premium solutions for event organizers) are making us really different from Moments...
@piwy_bossard_carrez Sweet as. Nice one mate. Appreciate the response. Best of luck.
@lyondhur my pleasure 😉