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A mobile event app that everyone will fall in love with. Enjoy an intuitive tool for agenda planning, beautiful design of the app, transparent pricing and all advanced features, which will enhance the entire attendee experience.
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Hey Hunters! First of all, I’d like to thank all the makers from Eventee team. They are the main reason I can present you this awesome product today. Secondly, I would like to tell you about our limited offer of Eventee Unlimited. Only until the end of April, you can get lifetime access to unlimited events with unlimited users. And that is not all! As a thanks to all of you, we would like to give you an additional 10% discount on Eventee Unlimited by using code PRODUCTHUNT during the payment process -> https://eventee.co/lifetime We started in 2018 and have grown from 0 to 3000 users, including Stanford University, University of Cambridge, State of California, UK government and others. We are in TOP 10 of Easy to Setup category and TOP 10 of Easy to Use category on g2.com. 🎁All the goodies of Eventee 2: - simple, easy to understand agenda, almost as easy as using any calendar app, - attendees can create their own personal agenda, based on which sessions they want to attend - create valuable connections through networking feature (ala Tinder), only those with similar business interests can see private information such as mail etc., - set a meeting via networking or start a video call directly in the app, - use powerful analytics and gather feedback from attendees in real time, - engage with attendees through news feed with push notifications, live questions and live polling, - extend Eventee functionality by creating your own custom menu, - we support virtual events, now you can stream your sessions and interact with attendees via Eventee at the same time. 🙏 Let me know what do you think.
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Great product. Good luck guys :)
@ichangetheway Thank you Ivan! Really appreciate your love for Eventee! 🤗
I was using Eventee as an attendee on one event in Czech Republic and it was sooo easy to use, literally seamless experience! I liked it a lot. :)
@igi wow, thanks a lot Igor, I really appreciate your feedback! Hope you will enjoy using Eventee again really soon! 🥰
Awesome job! Looking forward to use this new version of app with so many cool features!
@aldredcz Thank you for your support Vojta! We are looking forward to hearing from you about your experience with the new version 🤗
Great job!! Will check it out!! 😀 Can we use it for any events?
@ayushchandra Hi Ayush! Thank you for your support 😻the character of events using Eventee app is not limited, we do support virtual events as well! Eventee works the best for events where attendees’ experience and engagement is crucial, it is made to activate attendees in the easiest way possible. We also have a free trial, so you can check it out for sure! 😊