Eventdrive App

A smooth, engaging and custom attendee experience

Promote your brand and create a custom app for all your events in just a few clicks. Mobile check-in, agenda, quiz, photo sharing, networking... Onboard your attendees in a smooth interactive, collaborative and fun experience.
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Hey PH community! First time I post a product, the whole team feel blessed and proud :) We've been working in the professionnal event space for quite some time. We boost event management through technology, methodology and community. Event planners are full of ideas, but their job is hard on logistics and other repetitive, painfull tasks. We're helping them with an online tool to create events, manage people, a bit of automation, better reporting/analytics, while interfacing with their existing software suite. Eventdrive lets them focus on creativity. Today we're introducing a new event app!! It's modular and customisable on the Eventdrive back-office. The great thing our customers love is that it lists in a nice way all the company events they are invited to and they can simply step in from there. There are tons of event apps, not all of them are good... nevertheless employees and professionals deserve a slick experience too. It runs on iOS, Android and as a Web App. If you are willing to test (you or your company), get in touch and upvote!!