Eventbot is your shared calendar inside Slack. (#2 fastest growing app on Slack)

Create events, gather RSVPs, and get reminders all within Slack. Schedule recurring team meetings as well as vacation and holidays. You can also send events from Slack to Google Calendar! Use the Eventbot Free Plan or upgrade to a paid plan for advanced features.

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Joe Wadcan
Co-founder at @geteventbot
๐Ÿ‘‹ Hello Product Hunters! We've been hard at work improving Eventbot, having added lots of new features since the last time we were hunted on PH. Here's a few of our favorite just since April: - Create recurring events - Create an event from a Slack Actions - Invite users directly to your event - Create 1:1: events within a DM - Create an all-day event - Customize your event RSVP options - Create events that last multiple days We've also added a new 14 day free trial to all our paid plans, so you can test everything out without risk. We'd love to hear your pros/cons and any feedback you've got for us. We're aiming to build a whole new type of shared calendar, so this is just the beginning!
Eugene Francis JnrFin-teching across the universe ....
Hello ! Very intrigued .... What key features make Eventbot different to Google or Sunsama calendars ?
I was just looking for a calendar to use in our Slack team, something that doesn't require leaving Slack and switching between apps, this is perfect. Thank you!