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ProductHunt for events :)
@bogomep Hey, this is awesome!, do you have an API, we could integrate it to Whevent! Our platform for events around the around is here https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Will users be able to fill in different cities at some point?
@pieterpaul yes, you can start event hunt in your city and curate it (just let us know via http://eventhunt.io/contact), anyone else can add an event to a city, but it will be you or the curators who will publish it.
@pieterpaul Also, the system can fetch data sources, for example from eventbrite.com and meetup.com. Once you are a curator, you can add also sources to automate this. And then when someone creates new event on meetup.com it will get synced to event hunt and you can then just publish, without entering the info every day.
@sotak Ah ok, any reason why no automation? Is it the curation/quality that drives you or is it something that you'll roll out later. Seems a bit hard to scale if you guys have to deal with inbound requests manually!
@pieterpaul the idea is to make it as easy as possible for curators as well for the organizators. We should be able to fetch more of the sources. But at the end we rely on curators who are active and willing to visit the events or know someone who is familiar with the event. In terms of automation, we can handle that if we know how :) and we do want to make it as easy as possible for contributors as possible :)
@sotak got it, makes sense. Also: don't build until you really need it ;)
Nice :) Several people have asked if we were going to expand to event discovery. I just submitted the information for our Product Hunt happy hour this Thursday (so far 2k+ RSVP'd). @sotak there are a ton of sites (many skeletons now) that have tackled this space. What's your goal with Event Hunt and why will this work where others haven't?
@rrhoover great! wish I was in SF :) Event Hunt's goal is in simplicity, automation and minimal maintenance. We need a centralised curated place, where the events will be streaming itself through feeds from other services. Curators can then just go through the imported events and publish them if they like and find appropriate. They don't need (in most cases) to add events one by one which is a time consuming task. For end-users, they will see all the events in one place, they can easily access the list from mobile, they can add to bookmarks and feed bookmarks into calendar. Later adding machine learning, that will for example learn from curators behaviour which events are popular and have good history of being published, so they will be published automatically without curators. Also, I have been asked by friends to which events I am going to, if I could just share my public page with events I am attending, so they can join, even better. :) Less work, more events to attend, easy to read list ^_^ And we can go a lot further with social features later Ah, went too far with this I guess. :)
@sotak haha, nice. I like the simplicity. One quick (unsolicited) piece of feedback: beware of trying to enhance largely community-driven experiences with machines. When you say "machine learning algorithms," a flag raises for me. Often times it's the "human" context around the curation that's most interesting to people.
@rrhoover totally agree! it would be more for adding tags based on the content for curators to approve, publishing might be dangerous - I am aware the curators are the driving force behind this. People liked the solution before because of me posting relevant events that I liked, machine can't replace that, more over, machine won't know if the event is no longer interesting if they can't attend :)
@rrhoover What do you mean by the human context, like the reasoning behind the curator including it?
This would be even more awesome if there was some way to call out events with speaking opportunities.
@anujadhiya great idea! also once we will have tags, then you will be ble to filter by lets say pitching opportunity, accelerators deadlines, workshops, free office hours (legal, marketing,...) so you can get most out of the city where you are at :)
@anujadhiya @sotak Tags are a great idea. Could be useful for @producthunt too. I'd love to see a search bar and the ability to look at February events (perhaps there aren't any posted yet?).
@pedrogastal there are events in the queue for February, but not yet published, might be worth adding better pagination in a calendar style view too :) // @producthunt @anujadhiya
Looks cool. Submitted for Detroit... Midwest needs some love too!