A collaborative way for organizing group expenses

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Hi Gabriel, great approach of finance management! When are you going to facilitate payments from the app/web?
@donfontijn Hi Don, thanks a lot for the comment! Indeed we think this is the next logical step. It would, in our opinion, complete the "organization cycle". We are still analyzing the available payments services (e.g. PayPal, Venmo). Which one would you recommend?
Thank you very much @dovidmehrentreu for hunting our product! I'm Gabriel Stoppini, Evenfy's co-founder and developer. We have built a service that helps people organize their group expenses collaboratively. It can be used for various situations such as organizing home and trip expenses and even for tracking bills shared with your business partners. Feedbacks and suggestions will be very valuable and we would appreciate to hear from all Product Hunters!
Interesting. I'm the maker of @kittysplit. How do you intend to monetize?
@caspar_wrede Hi Caspar, thanks for your comment. Besides the free subscription, we offer two paid plans (Evenfy Plus and Premium) with additional features that provide an even better experience.