Steady your income stream w/ cash mgmt & interest free loans

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Hunter Walk@hunterwalk · Partner, Homebrew
Quinten FarmerMaker@quintendf · Co-founder, Even
Eddie WhartonHunter@eawharton · Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
One of the biggest problems of low wage workers is income volatility. Even is trying to help make a cash shortfall into something that is not devastating. It targets people who may have needed a pay day lender. Instead, Even manages their cash to help smooth things out and offers interest free loans when necessary. They charge consumers $5 per month and are exploring enterprise customers as well.
Quinten FarmerMaker@quintendf · Co-founder, Even
Founder here :) Thanks for posting Eddie! Happy to answer any questions.
Eddie WhartonHunter@eawharton · Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
@quintendf How do you build a product where most software engineers, designers & PM's would not be the target customer?
Quinten FarmerMaker@quintendf · Co-founder, Even
@EAWharton There's a couple of possible answers there. Even if someone doesn't experience income volatility, they often have friends/family members who do. Speaking personally, I grew up in a small, rural town, and then started college at a large public university. I'm fortunate to not need Even myself, but the people who do (and some of our earliest users), are my good friends and family. In fact, Sarah (from: https://medium.com/@quintendf/wh...) is one of my closest friends (name changed for privacy)... and someone I am so happy to be helping with Even. Second - we're working hard to build a company culture that stays close to our users. It's one of the reasons we are so excited to be in Oakland... a community that already has a great tradition of people working on financial inclusion (like the Kapor Center). It's something we're going to think a lot about as the team grows. Shameless Plug: We're hiring! (https://whatiseven.com/work-at-even)
Frank Fumarola@ffumarola · Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
This product is an awesome idea and will be increasingly more important as our workforce continues to transition towards 1099 workers (Uber, TaskRabbit, Instacart, etc). @quintendf Major props. Do you have any plans to offer more services for 1099 workers, almost akin to Zenefits? E.g. you add packages to allow 1099 workers to manage all of their administrative issues (whether it be expenses, healthcare, filing taxes, etc)
Quinten FarmerMaker@quintendf · Co-founder, Even
@ffumarola Thanks Frank! I think the 1099 services piece is really interesting - we don't have any specific plans there, but I think you're spot on in recognizing the need.