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The future of the bra - 3D Scan fit sizing

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Louise Croft
Louise Croft@paupertoprinces · social entrepreneur
Wow. This could be seriously game changing for a lot of women. Very excited to hear more!
shanelleMaker@shaanbae · Social Media Curator, Evelyn & Bobbie
@paupertoprinces Thank you! We are excited to bring this product to the market. If you're interested in learning more, check us out on Refinery29! http://r29.co/2qlgwvx
shanelleMaker@shaanbae · Social Media Curator, Evelyn & Bobbie
Hello, all! My name is Shanelle and I am the Social Media Curator at Evelyn & Bobbie and I am here to answer any questions that come up!
Graham Campbell
Graham Campbell@grahamxcampbell · 🚀 new ventures, faster
I know absolutely nothing about the bra buying experience, but I'm a big believer in reimagining and improving the shopping experience of just about any consumer (and enterprise) good, especially apparel, starting with empathy. So definitely seems like an interesting technology. I do know that, for both men & women, finding clothing that fits the shape of the individual, that is "form-flattering" for lack of a better term, and that makes the wearer feel handsome/beautiful/delicious/etc. is never an easy task. @evelynbobbie does the 3D scanning tech can help with fitting/sizing other articles of clothing (eg. business suits, shoes, dresses, ect.?)
shanelleMaker@shaanbae · Social Media Curator, Evelyn & Bobbie
@grahamxcampbell Thanks for reaching out, Graham. The EB was designed by selecting the finest materials, custom designed components, and is virtually seamless (we use a premium stitch-free technology so it’s smooth, inside and out!). We believe in investing in high-quality products. We believe you'll experience the difference every day when wearing clothes over the EB. It's seamless enough to wear a sheer shirt over the top.
David Carpe
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
great gift idea for my wife since she struggles with random fits - is it hand wash or machine washable? and could it be a sport bra or is not that kind of support design?
shanelleMaker@shaanbae · Social Media Curator, Evelyn & Bobbie
@passingnotes We couldn't agree more! The lifespan of the Everyday Bustier™ does depend on how often she wears it and how she washes it. We are confident that she will want to wear it every day though! To make sure she enjoys her EB longer, we recommend that its hand washed cold and line dried. The support of our bra is unlike any other. While other bras offer their main support by the use of an underwire that doesn’t actually solve for support. We have developed a new innovative 3D support system that replaces the underwire and redistributes the weight of your breast to your frame. So the comfort factor of a sports bra is there, but it's her choice on what she uses it for.
Abiodun Ajani
Abiodun Ajani@ajaabi · Creative developer & Business growing
this is ingenious, quite amazing and most women would want to place their hands on one or more. Trust my wife would be thrilled... Can i have a more detailed video? How much? Where/how can one buy this, online? international delivery?