Eve V

The first ever crowd-developed computer

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This is going to be awesome!
Looks very cool. Concept makes me think of this though
Your picture makes it look like a bloated device. The 2-in-1 detachable form factor is pretty common now, do you have the same thought about the IPad Pro + Keyboard or Surface Pro?
No mention of GPU... Leave me to believe its integrated Intel, which is a shame. If it had a 1060, it'll be a perfect laptop
I appreciate the effort, but with SP5 around the corner. imo they should have released this already. Surface Pro 4 with similar specs costs around $ 1700 and you can buy it today.
which OS does it have?
@pipipzz Windows 10 Home/Pro are options at the moment (I'm guessing you could run Linux/whatever on it if you really wanted to..)