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Sam Altman — President, YC
This is the first new programming language and environment I've been excited about in years. Please check it out!
Ravi Vadrevu — Founder of Kriya AI, Founder of Meed
@sama Have SSN certificate issues. @ibdknox - Should be a simple fix
Robert Attorri — President, Eve
@raviformative @sama @ibdknox Hey Ravi, we'll see what we can do to get this fixed up for you!
I'm confused on how this creates actual programs. Does it compile to javascript? or other languages?
Lorenzo Sciandra — Engineer
@tonybrix I'd like to know this too
Robert Attorri — President, Eve
@kelset @tonybrix It compiles to a query plan which is executed in JS. Hope that answers your questions adequately!
@ibdthor @kelset I was looking more for how to actually build and deploy an application written with Eve. This seems like a great idea, but it looks more like a proof of concept rather than an actual product.
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